You Know The Future – Greece To Go #Cashless

Before it was just a cashless society to get things in order, now it is being billed as the solution. The ECB’s chief pawn/ambassador/representative/spokesperson has come out with two statements inside a week.oped_300

The first saying that he wants to give a discount on transactions done with plastic and now saying he wants to impose a tax on cash withdrawals from banks.

And then he has withdrawn/denied/forgotten both statements.

Classic and obvious psychological conditioning for the end game. Cashless societies.

Why cashless? It is the last physical connection between the money in your bank and wallet.

Cash is by no means as good as a gold based system but nevertheless it does contain the money printers slightly.

You can always go into your bank and demand payment in hard currency.

As the amount of money creation reaches epic levels the disconnection between the amount of physical cash and the amount of electronic cash is going to be more and more obvious.

Once people start bumping into the limit ie going to the ATM and seeing the maximum withdrawal amount getting lower and lower until is is pointless going to the ATM, the reaction is going to be exponential. As the supply is reduced the demand for physical money is going to increase.

Expect to see the propaganda ramping up against those people who use cash. Tax evaders/criminals/unpatriotic choose your poison.

The idea of carrying cash has to be turned into a completely alien and unnatural and immoral concept. Only then will people accept a cashless society.

And when the accountability of money creation is completely lost, so will any trace of transparency.


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