Agent Provocateur Techniques Exposed By ProEuro Protests In Athens 2015.6.19


When a public protest serves the agenda of the Troika (Greek government, oped_300international banks & EU) they are more than willing to allow it to go ahead peacefully.

The Troika will even go as far as to allow the people onto the steps of the Greek parliament

However when a protest goes against the Troika agenda, the Troika will discredit all those people involved in that protest by inserting agent provocateurs into the mix.

You have seen this countless times over the last 6 years in Athens.

To turn a peaceful protest into a feast of tear gas and flash bangs a conflict needs to be created.protest

The Greek government does this first, by creating a mass police presence at a march or protest.

This gives a target for the second group of people that the government inserts into the mix, the “known unknowns”, the people you see dressed in black, breaking up pieces of pavement and throwing at the first group of people, the police.

(You will notice from the photo that there are only two parties rioting – those dressed in black and the police. These two groups congregate around and in the real protest to discredit and dissolve it – The lower photo is yesterday’s pro Euro protest. Take either the police OR the “known unkowns” away and you have a peaceful demonstration)

The formula is extremely simple and extremely obvious.

Whenever there is a protest whose message is disruptive to the Troika agenda, the Greek government sends in it’s two sets of agent provocateurs and puts them to war against each other in the middle of a peaceful protest.

This is then reported, by the bought and paid for Greek & international media, as the “protesters” in violent conflict with the police when it is nothing of the sort.

The government simply creates a war zone inside and on the fringes of a peaceful protest to discredit those people taking part.

The Greek and international media shallowly report that “the protests turned violent” instead of doing some investigation and real reporting and saying a group of rioters infiltrated the peaceful protest and the police instead of trying to arrest the small group of stone throwing youths, decided instead to rain tear gas down on the whole crowd. 

This is what yesterday’s pro Euro protests exposed.

First, how the government deals with protests it does not like

and second, how the Tsipras and Varoufakis government is Pro Euro because they did not use the tried and tested techniques of discrediting a protest.

And yet despite this, some of the protesters were framing the protest as anti-government and pro-euro.

It is enough to drive the casual observer to despair.

Yesterday’s pro Euro protest in Athens must have set some sort of world record for the largest ever assembly of people suffering from severe cognitive dissonance.

Let me explain the situation in the simplest way I can.

The name of the currency people use is not the problem.

It is also not the solution.

Drachma or Euro, the Greek economy will still suffer from the same fundamental problems except with the Drachma the government where able to sweep a lot of their failings under the carpet, as they had a central bank in Greece. A central bank who could helpfully hide the real problems by creating inflation.

If the Greek government is not going to address the trade deficit and is not going to address it’s own deficits the Euro is absolutely the worse thing for the Greek economy.

What Greeks are living through now is not some sort of recession.

It is the reality of living in the Euro system.

Forget the years just before the Euro introduction and the 7 years that followed. This was an artificial boom created by the same bankers who are dictating the current agenda that is wiping out the Greek economy now.

You have must compare apples with apples ie how the Greek economy was from 1980 to 1995 and how the Greek economy is from 2008 to 2015.

Do this and the answer is obvious, the Drachma is a far better system for Greece than the Euro.

Do not get me wrong, I am a big advocate of the Euro and the fact that it is a de-facto gold standard but successive Greek governments since 2008 have shown that they are not working towards fixing the trade deficit and are actively resisting in fixing government budget deficit.

The cherry on top being the Tsipras/Varoufakis government.

Not only are Varoufakis and Tsipras saying the debt needs to be cut (which is correct) they also believe that the Greek government needs ongoing foreign aid.

This is the exact opposite mentality to what is required to live prosperously in the Euro system.

And yet at the same time Varoufakis and Tsipras are saying they are pro Euro and pro Europe.

The situation is completely crazy and many people in Greece are completely losing faith in their politicians and system of government.

And of course this is exactly what the plan is.

For the Greek government to have its powers cut dramatically and for the EU to take over much of the day to day running of the government.

Giving up sovereignty is a hard sell, so to get the people on board the sovereign government has to be completely discredited with constant elections, constant broken promises, continuing tax increases and an apparent inability of the national government to be able to negotiate with foreign governments/bankers.

Yesterday’s pro Euro protests in Athens show, unfortunately, the masterplan is succeeding as at least some Greeks are ready to hand over the sovereignty of their government to the EU.



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