#Grexit – Why the negotiations are fake

The key to the whole charade is for a government in Greece to keep some shred of credibility.poker

And to do this they are portrayed as protecting the Greek people against the demands of the Eurogroup.

However the reality is the Eurogroup and the Greek government are on the same side.

The Greek government is simply a puppet put into the pantomime to give the illusion that there is someone looking after the interests of the Greek citizen.

In reality there is no one in the negotiations representing the Greek populace.

Tsipras and Varoufakis are not some renegades, some unknown quantity that the EU has to “deal” with.

Much like the pyramid schemes in Albania where European politicians were taking every available photo opportunity to be in the same frame as the leaders of the pyramid schemes, so Tsipras was getting numerous photo opportunities with EU leaders long before he was elected.

So the EU could feel him and out more importantly, to give him some much needed credibility in the eyes of the Greek voter.

Tsipras was put into the role deliberately and so was Varoufakis.

They are not the renegades they are being portrayed as.

If Tsipras and Varoufakis were the true renegades, they would have started printing Drachmas by now and also have a plan in place to nationalise the Greek banks.

Even if they had no intention of leaving the Euro (which they do not) they must print the new currency to give themselves some bargaining power.

Without a ready-to-roll, physical currency, the whole “negotiations” are a blatant farce because one side has its cards on the table.

It is impossible for Tsipras and Varoufakis to negotiate anything, they have no power.


This simple reality further demonstrates that the current Greek government and the Eurogroup are all on the same side and are merely playing good cop and bad cop to divert responsibility from themselves onto the other “cop” whenever they need to.

And yet the mainstream media continues ignore this key foundation on which the whole soap opera is based.

There are no negotiations because the one side has nothing to negotiate with and is also not making any preparations whatsoever to give itself a better hand.

Let us for one moment imagine that the negotiations are real.

And that the government in Greece refuses the demands of the EU.

The EU will cut off the Greek banks from the Euro system. Immediately ATMs will cease to function.

In the best case scenario the Greek banks completely deplete their reserves of physical cash by honouring withdrawal requests.

And we know that the amount of electronic cash is around 9 times more plentiful than physical cash which means the vast majority of people will be left with nothing at least in the short term.

Everyone inside Greece will then have to wait for the central bank of Greece to print enough Drachmas to cover customer withdrawals.

And this is the nub of the matter.

The time between the failed negotiations and the time it would take to roll out the new currency is going to be at best 2 weeks.

During which time tax collection in Greece will turn to zero. And the only international trade that will be taking place will occur with the exchange of hard currency.

And in which time the politicians that the Eurogroup appointed (Tsipras and Varoufakis) will be out of a job. One way or another.

In summary. If Tsipras and Varoufakis do not fold to the demands of the Eurogroup (and remember, we are just pretending the negotiations are real) they will be out of a job and the government in Greece will see its tax receipts go to zero.

And yet despite the obvious calamity (for the Greek government) that would follow failed negotiations, the Greek government is doing absolutely nothing to defend itself or the people of Greece against this sword that the ECB is wielding. ie the ability to cut of Greek banks from the Euro system.

The exact opposite. The Greek government is saying that are not making any preparations and that they want to stay in the Euro.

This is the equivalent of playing poker and telling everyone you are bluffing and then laying your cards on the table and then raising the bet.

Either the game is fixed or the player is stupid.

Does not matter which because it is the Greek taxpayer banking rolling the player. The player is betting with other people’s money.

Varoufakis and Tsipras have no bargaining power, they know this and yet they are doing nothing to strengthen their position.

The negotiations are simply fake.

Having said all this, there is a negotiation going on here, a hidden negotiation where some of the players do not even realise they are playing.

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