Will Greeks have to starve – Written in Feb 2012

oped_300At the moment Greece is caught in the middle. It cannot print its way out of trouble and the Greek politicians are not laying the groundwork for a stable currency. The country is in purgatory for the sake of a PR stunt against German economic policy.

So the big question is, how is the Greek crisis going to end?

1. Will Germany fold and create inflation in the face of Greeks starving?

2. Will Germany leave the Euro to let the Euro be inflated?

3. Will Germany let Greece default and pick up the pieces after? (But the image of Germany has already be so poisoned, it is questionable if Greek would even accept German help post default)

4. Or will Germany cave before the PR disaster gets too bad?

As things stand today, option 1 is the most likely destination, I hope I am wrong and things do not go this far.

Read the original article in full here https://independence4walesdotcom.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/germany-vs-ecb-greece-is-caught-in-the-middle-will-greeks-have-to-starve/


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