Tsipras Asked Varoufakis For Plan B – Complete Propaganda

You have to give the Greek government credit, they can really max out all the possible mileage they can get from a story. (If they can use it to serve their agenda).

And this “episode” of Varoufakis “hacking” into tax computers is no different.

Before the referendum the government was trying to terrify the population by claiming they had “No Plan B” if there was no agreement with the government’s creditors.

The Greek government was giving Greeks the idea that they were on a kamikaze course.

This German headline sums up the facade that the Greek government was putting up for the Greek people prior the the referendum.


tsipras_gunThe establishment of politicians and media outlets in Greece were pushing for the Yes vote in the referendum. In a BIG way.

Giving the idea the government was on a kamikaze course was just another way of trying to force Greeks to vote Yes.

And now the vote has passed, with the worst possible result for the Greek and EU establishment, the Greek government is rewriting history to serve yet another angle of their propaganda.

Actually they did have a Plan B after all! and Varoufakis was all over it. (You will notice that his actions were superficial at best)

So the government was not on such a suicidal economic mission after-all, what a relief!

By why stop there. This story has more to give!

Out of the blue, two (anonymous?) Greek citizens filed a suit against Varoufakis for treason.

Apparently there are two people in Greece who think it is a treasonous if a government does not act in an economically suicidal way.

This rewriting of history serves two purposes.

1. By Tspiras saying he actually gave Varoufakis permission to look into an alternative currency he comes off as not so crazy after all.

He is not the kamikaze pilot he was portraying himself as prior to the referendum

2. They have successfully associated the idea of a parallel currency with a treasonous act.

They have successfully embedded the thought into the mind of Greeks that even thinking of Greece without the Euro is treason.

With all the apparently contradictory stories coming out of Greece there is one common theme running through all of the headlines.

Greece must stay in the Euro.

It will be catastrophic if Greece leaves the Euro

Greece has an option to leave the Euro

Of course, none, of these headlines are true.

Except of course the last one…….



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