Greek Government Encourages Protests Against… Itself…..

As covered on Vice here >>

and ZeroHedge here >>>

syriza_protestsMany people are shocked and confused that a government could support mass strikes against itself but this is the internal contradiction that socialists have to live with on a daily basis.

It works like this.


When a socialist/communist government runs out of money the contradiction becomes unavoidable.

When the taxpayer has nothing left to give, when the government has no way to collect taxes, socialism completely runs out of ideas.

The only course of action a socialist/communist government has is to tax more and attempt to seize even more. But this ultimately hurts it supporters as the taxation effects more and more people who previously supported the government.

By definition socialist governments need to control from the centre, they live by centralised power.

As the money runs out, so does the money to pay their supporters at the bottom of the ladder. And as the money gets less and less, the government only has the money to pay, inner party members, the people at the top of the pyramid and when it reaches this point you see governments/regimes collapse.

In the worst case scenario you can have mass social unrest as the people who were dependent on government handouts are hung out to dry.

This is the only way socialism can end.

The only way for a socialist government to turn things around is to increase the size of the economy and this means embracing capitalism. Socialist governments have to admit that socialism has its limits and fundamentally a successful  social program is built upon a successful capitalist system.

In short, a socialist/communist government protesting against itself is completely logical, it is the only possible outcome when a socialist/communist government runs out of money. And this type of internal dissent will only increase as their financial situation gets worse.

The only way a socialist/communist government can turn things around is to embrace free market capitalism.


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