#ParisAttacks – Tell me if you find this patronising


“Radical” “Islamisists”, possibly from Syria, shoot and murder innocent civilians in Paris because they don’t like France or the western way of life.


France bombs a Syrian city from the air killing innocent civilians in Syria hoping to……


…Kill everyone in Raqqa to stop more terrorists?

Are all of the terrorists in Raqqa?

Does killing innocent people reduce the likelihood of family and friends wanting revenge on the people that killed their family?



..Set an example to Syrians. “If some of your people go to France and kill people, France will strike back by bombing a city and killing hundreds of people. Even if those people had nothing to do with the attacks in Paris.”

And this helps how?

If the innocent people had no knowledge of the #parisattacks, how were they supposed to have stopped it?



.. solve the massive refuge crisis caused by a war in Syria by making the war even worse?

In short

How does the French government killing innocent people in Raqqa make the world a better and safer place after the #parisattacks?

To the untrained observer, France’s air bombardment of a Syrian city is akin to poking a wasps nest which in turn serves as a recruitment campaign for the people they claim to be fighting.

To the untrained observer, France’s bombing is only going to make the situation much worse.

Especially given the fact that the country has already let in thousands of Syrians many of whom probably have relatives and friends still in Syria and possibly in the same city France is bombing……..


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