Greece 2016.5 – Does the #Greek government realise #Greece is in a free trade area?

The Greek government has just passed yet more measures which massively increase taxes on small businesses and the public.

As if Greece was not uncompetitive enough, if the massblockade_bulgaria_greece exodus of Greek businesses into Bulgaria and Skopje was not enough of a clue.

Not only is Greece part of a free trade area where companies based in Germany and the UK can send products and services into Greece duty free, Greece is also located next to the second poorest country inside the EU free trade area.

I do not believe that the Greek government and the EU politicians who rubber stamped these new measures are so stupid not to understand the obvious effect of these new measures.

Expect thousands more small businesses to close or relocate to Bulgaria/Skopje.

Expect unemployment to increase.

Expect more people to become dependent on government handouts

Expect Greece’s trade deficit to get worse

Expect more EU bailouts in the future

Expect Greeks to lose control of how their taxes are spent

The next step is taxation without representation, where the EU calls the shot on how the money paid by Greeks is spent.

And why not?

The EU has given such good advice over the past 8 years. The EU has rubber stamped countless measures which has led to nothing more than the implosion of the Greek economy.

There is absolutely no irony in the fact that the same EU politicians who have rubber stamped measures which are destroying the Greek economy are the same European politicians who think they should be given more power because they know what they are doing.

No irony at all.


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