#brexit – Imagine Cameron was Tesco & Merkel was Lidl

The conversation goes something like this

Cameron (Tesco) – “Angela, would it not be great if we could harmonise our working practices and agree what to charge our customers for different things?”

Merkel (Lidl) – “That would be great, we would not have to compete on opening hours and on how much we charged (taxed) the customers (taxpayers/businesses)”

Cameron – “This is what I was thinking, it would be good business for both of us”

Merkel – “And we could expand and bring Hollande (Carrefour) into the mix, that way we don’t have to worry about Hollande coming into Germany or the UK competing against us”

Cameron – “You are on my wavelength Angela, and why stop at France, the more people we can bring in the more secure we will all be against competition and the more we can all charge our customers (voters/taxpayers).

Merkel – “But how could we sell this to our customers David?”

Cameron – “We can say that harmonising our working practices promotes transparency and competition because it is easier for Lidl to come to Britain and easier for Tesco to go Germany ergo more competition which is better for customers (taxpayers)”

Merkel – “That is genius, and we could even say the employees can move between the countries and say it is free movement for the benefit of the people”

Cameron – “I cannot believe how much we think alike Angela”

Merkel – “But who would control all the regulations, working practices and prices (taxes)?”

Cameron – “This is the cherry on the cake Angela, we can create a Pan European government (cartel) for cooperation and peace, call it something nice like the EU and we can blame the rising prices on that, while doing nothing whatsoever to change it. In fact we can say that the problem is we (Tesco/Aldi/Carrefour) are not working close enough. That our working practices were not similar enough and we need to cooperate even more to see the benefits”

Merkel – “you are a genius David, and we just need to sprinkle words like transparency, fairness and equality into our sound bites to disguise our motives and our customers (taxpayers) will even lobby to protect the EU ”

Cameron – “I know Angela, its beautiful”

Vote no to the cartel, vote for free trade, vote to force governments to compete for our taxes. #voteleave




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