#brexit – Two sentences that sum up the problem with the EU government perfectly.

Two sentences that sum up the problem with the EU government perfectly.


“Under the rules of British democracy, the citizenry are always able to eject the Government through a general election, however, whatever British people want to do about the elite that governs the EU, they can never get rid of it or change its decisions. It is like being ruled by a foreign power immune to normal processes of political economy.”

The EU government is not accountable to the voting public. Is this a formula for economic & political freedom?


“not being able to learn from economic mistakes or to compel rulers to revise their policies is a serious problem. The UK democratic process, for all its faults, is a better mechanism for economic policy progress, as has been shown by the reform programmes since 1979.”

Because trade between countries is centrally controlled and monopolised by the EU, there is no competition between countries. We are no longer able to learn from each other with regards to what policies are best because we are all forced to do the same things.

When business and trade is centrally controlled, when competition between countries on tax and regulation is eliminated, human development will be brought to a grinding halt and taxation and regulation will inevitably increase, because governments have no motivation or reason to do otherwise.


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