3 Reasons Why The #EU Must Be Undemocratic To Function

Unless I am mistaken the basic thinking behind the EU is to bring everyone together by harmonising business practices and “social” policy.

(Image Source: http://politicalhat.com/2015/10/28/the-ultimate-threat-to-democracy-in-europe-is-the-eu/)

Sounds great but why do we need an extra government above national governments?

I am not sure we do.

Some examples

1. A business in the #UK wants to sell its 3 pin plug to countries in mainland Europe. By “harmonising” regulations it makes this type of trade easier.

Sounds reasonable, but why do different countries have different regulations on their plugs in the first place?

Obviously they think it serves their country better to have their own design (for whatever reason). If this were not the case countries would adopt the best design yet available.

The thinking in the #EU is this is not right. These countries ideas on their mains plug is flawed and they must be forced to adopt the common design.

2. A business in the UK wants to sell its cars into Europe but the #EU says the car needs to have electronic stability control which is too expensive for the small British car maker so that same car maker cannot even sell his car in the UK because of EU regulations.

Again, the #EU is overruling the wants of the public. If members of the public want to buy a car without stability control why does the EU insist on getting in their way?

3. A small Greek island is sparsely populated and the local government there wants to reduce its taxes so it is more attractive for people to live there. The Greek government says okay but they are not allowed to give this islands preferential taxes because the EU stops them from doing so.

And these examples go on to infinity.

Fundamentally the facts are this.

Sovereign governments will act in their own interests, again, for whatever reasons.

If those “interests” are against those of the people in that country it will become obvious through the health of their economy.

If a government, for example Portugal, comes up with an innovative tax code which benefits the economy, then other governments are free to follow. They do not need the EU to be able to copy another government’s tax code.

So again, what is the purpose of the EU?

Harmonised regulations imposed against the will of sovereign governments can only hide new practices and disguise badly run economies in the EU because there is nothing to compare a governments policy against. Because all the countries are forced to have the same policies.

I have been kind so far but let me get to the key points.

The EU by definition is anti-democratic.

The EU only has a purpose because sovereign governments may have their own ideas about what is best.

The purpose of the EU is to stifle diversity.

What does the EU gain by stifling diversity?

1.  First of all it gives a whole new level of employment for out of work career politicians.

2. It helps multinational companies who want to expand into new countries. No longer do they have to adapt their products to a new market. It does not matter if the harmonised regulations are good or bad, just as long as they are the same.

3. It helps governments increase taxes. Because neighbouring governments have the same taxes, there is less competition for the governments. Their population will have to go further to escape the harmonised taxes of the EU.

Again the EU by its nature is anti democratic

It must be undemocratic in order to achieve its goals.

If the EU were democratic it would serve no purpose. 

A democratic EU would be the same as not having an EU at all.

If the EU was democratic, each member state and their populations could go their own way on legislation. They could go whichever way served their interests.

Do you see the big picture now?

If the EU were a democratic institution it would be exactly the same as not having an EU

The EU only has a purpose when it has undemocratic power to force countries and government to do things they would not normally do.

That is the only point of the EU

To force countries to adopt regulations and taxes that they would not normally choose to adopt if they were free to make their own choices.

Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% behind real free trade and movement of people  but the EU is the exact opposite of this

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