Jo Cox Murder – 8 Questions That Need To Be Answered

The murder of Jo Cox is tragic and our thoughts are with her friends and family

Unfortunately some media outlets and politicians want to use the event to serve their own political purposes rather than establishing the facts about the murder and identifying what we can do, if anything, to prevent such a thing happening again.

This trend for jumping to conclusions before any facts are known is becoming more and more common.

Before anyone can judge the hows & whys of Jo Cox’s murder, answers to these 8 questions need to be established and made public.

  1. What drugs if any was Thomas Mair subscribed to take.
  2. What drugs were present in Thomas Mair’s body at the time of his arrest and in what quantities
  3. What had been his movements over the previous 24 hours
  4. Who had he been in contact with over the previous 24 hours
  5. Was anyone aware of his plans
  6. Has the firearm used in the murder been used in other crimes
  7. Was the attack planned in advance
  8. Did Thomas Mair and Jo Cox know each other
  9. Was Thomas Mair known to police and/or intelligence services


For people to suggest this was a crime of hate is without basis, reports of Thomas Mair saying “Britain first” have been denied by the quoted witness.

The fact that European politicians are so eager to use the tragic murder of Jo Cox to advance their own agenda is disgusting

For the police to say they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the murder, before the investigation has been completed is premature

Without knowing if the suspect was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident, the search for a motive will be an exercise in futility.


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