#Grexit – What The #Eurogroup Really Talks About

The dynamic is this oped_300

Eurogroup + Greek Government   vs   Greek taxpayer

As I wrote this in this post.

The negotiations are NOT about the Greek government fighting for the Greek taxpayer.

The “negotiations” are actually a conference with the Greek government and the Europgroup working out how they can extract the maximum wealth for the Greek taxpayer without causing a revolution. Politically or otherwise.

The biggest part of these conferences is the news headlines they produce. The propaganda that comes out of these conferences is essential to influencing the mindset of the Greek taxpayer so they accept tax increases and spending cuts.

The key part of this propaganda, the first piece, is to give the impression that the Greek government is representing the Greek taxpayer.

Without this, the Eurogroup conferences will be completely ineffective as people will know that they are under economic attack. Therefore creating resistance.

As long as the Greek taxpayer believes there is someone fighting on their part, they have the impression they do not need to fight for themselves.

The illusion that the Greek government is fighting on their behalf dissolves the resistance of the Greek taxpayer. It subdues the taxpayer massively and gives people the impression that they do not need to educate themselves about the real situation.

If the Greek taxpayer does not understand the problem, they will not understand the solution, they will simply not be in a position to form their own opinion.

This lack of education leads to headlines that we see today

Tsipras calling for a referendum on the tax increases http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/27/business/international/greek-debt-talks-enter-final-stages.html

This is despite the fact that Tsipras has been saying the Greece out of the Euro would be disastrous.

When Tspiras calls a referendum on the measures he is effectively saying he believes Greek voters are idiots if they vote no.

And more than that.

Tsipras has not outlined the strategy for a Euro exit. (And this is deliberate)

Having a referendum without outlining the strategies  for BOTH of the possible outcomes he is metaphorically sending soldiers into war without any weapons.

How is it possible for Greek voters to vote no if they do not understand what will happen and what preparations he has made for a no vote.

The consequences of a Yes vote are more than clear. More tax increases and reduced spending.

The only thing Greek voters have been told about a No vote is chaos and destruction.




Again, how are Greek voters supposed to make an informed decision?

For a Yes vote the government says they will stay in the Euro, they will work it out with the forgein countries, they will work through the problems etc etc.

And for a No vote the Greek government is using terms like Chaos, setting back the country 50 years, riots, tanks on the streets etc etc.

It is obvious and blantant blackmail to force Greeks to accept tax increases and spending cuts.

They are not being presented with any other options despite the fact that there are many.

Unless Greeks acknowledge they are being blackmailed and refuse to co-operate with the parties that are blackmailing them this viscous cycle of tax increases and spending cuts will continue forever. Euro or no Euro.


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